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Engines & Transmissions

Engines & Transmissions in in Pontiac, MI

Without the engine and transmission in your vehicle, you would essentially own a couch with doors and a steering wheel. The engine supplies all the power your vehicle needs to move, and the transmission moves that power from the engine to the wheels. If either of these important components is malfunctioning, you simply aren’t going to make it very far. So for the best engine repair and transmission repair in Pontiac, MI, trust the team of pros at Great Lakes Auto Repair Service.

Engine Repair Pontiac MI

Having engine trouble with your car can be a frustrating experience, especially if you need clarification on what the issue is. With engine repair, it’s best to have it assessed by our experienced technicians, with significant knowledge and expertise in auto engine repairs. Whether it requires detailed engine diagnostics or simply a replacement part, our technicians will be able to find out what’s wrong with your engine and handle the repair efficiently and effectively. With our help, you’ll likely be back on the road in no time.

Transmission Repair Pontiac MI

Keeping your transmission in good condition is key to extending your vehicle’s life and optimal functioning. Transmission repair is not something that should be taken lightly – a properly running transmission ensures smooth transmission operation, as well as fuel efficiency. To keep your transmission components running smoothly, getting transmission checks and repairs done regularly is important. Regular maintenance can help detect transmission problems ahead of time so you don’t end up with costly fixes. Our team can evaluate the transmission system, do necessary repairs, install or adjust parts if needed, and recommend preventive services such as fluid changes, filter replacement, and tune-ups. When you think of transmission repair in Pontiac, MI, think of the Great Lakes Auto Repair Service team.

Engines & Transmissions Near Me

If you are having engine or transmission woes and need an auto repair shop you can trust to help get things sorted out, call the team at Great Lakes Auto Repair Service. We specialize in engine and transmission repair in Pontiac, MI, and we can help fix your troubles and get you back on the road in no time flat. Just give us a call or stop by and let our team handle the rest!

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